Training Onsite - London

i’m looking for someone with fairly good knowledge of the octatrack to come onsite and do some training in the London Area SE15 - paid work can do daytime or evenings



Hi ,
I’m up for it ! If you’d like an idea of my teaching style, please check out my OT and A4 tutorial videos.

PM me for details :slight_smile:
Cheers !

PM for you

Hi ,
I’m up for it ! If you’d like an idea of my teaching style, please check out my OT and A4 tutorial videos.

PM me for details :slight_smile:
Cheers !
I was just about to recommend you…let us all know when this is planned.

Secret Music - What about an Octatrack workshop in London?

I can vouch for SecrectMusic’s OT training. He is very good and shows you what YOU need to get the most from the OT

Secret musics OT (haven’t gotten to the a4 but I’m sure it’s as great as the OT series.) I just wanna personally thank you. I’d even like to support you financially to do some more OT videos - they are that good. Elektron should pay you, offer you a discount - something.
They are essential

Yeah i shudder to think where I would be without Secret Musics tutorials as Elektrons are shite

I am taking my Rytm to show Secretmusic on Saturday. Organising a London event is something we have spoken about recently. I will have another chat with him to see what we could get off the ground in the future.

Yes please.

I would definitely up for some Elektron based London meets.

Count me in. I am keen to learn these machines inside out.

(I could arrange a central London location for jamming/chats/ tutorials if needed).

I’d definitely be interested in some more London based events whether they were workshops or parties, or ideally both!

I’ll ask Toby (who organised the first couple of Elektron Users events in the West End) whether he still has friends at the venue he used and could pull some strings for us.

Workshop/Party +1

Sister event FTMFW! :+1:


Drop me a message if stuck for a venue

I have a good connection with my local pub. In Clerkenwell. I am sure we could take over their basement bar and gig venue.

I have always wanted to hear the Analog 4 through a gig PA!

+1 for a london meetup/seminar!

I’ve got a lot of experience running large and small events (se0ne, Cable RIP) and festivals, so if anyone needs input more than happy to help

Hi all,
I’m very happy about the response this thread has gotten, quite unexpectedly !
I’m also excited to hear that a few are interested in an OT event / workshop.

But most importantly, I will get to try the Rytm on Saturday with Neil, and I can only imagine how much of a blast it will be ! Very much looking forward to it.

I have just finished building a studio in Haggerston, and will investigate the possibility of organizing a workshop for Elektron machines. Once I have a concept in mind, I will get back on the forums and see who is interested. At the moment, I don’t want to get people excited for nothing :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark, calling you today.

Cheers 1

I’m based in Leytonstone and would love to meet up with local Elektronauts/like minded folk. Either way, I’m definitely interested in a London workshop/party.

Cool. Im based in Earls Court so can easily pop over. Lets hope the workshops happen