Transfer not connect my RYTM

Hello, I just tried to transfer some sample with Transfer yesterday and my rytm won’t connect I can’t choose it in the list it not appears. I tought it was a midi configuration problem, but it don’t seems to be; My rytm work well with overbridge, the vst work in ableton, but in the midi list device it doesn’t appear.
Maybe it’s the update, does someone had the same issue…


presumably you know to switch from Overbridge mode to ‘normal’ USB mode to use the USB MIDI within the Transfer program

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I think I didn’t had to switch before it was working in overbridge mode , no???

tried this last night and can confirm you have to switch the rytm to usb only mode in order to connect it with transfer… (latest ob beta, rytm mk1)

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Thanks you all, I work a lot so didn’t try the switch.

But I’m sure it work