Transfer not connecting

Anyone else having trouble with Transfer? It’s seeing my DT, but not connecting. DT is set to USB midi ONLY (I/O) … the wheel spins, then nothing. Always used to work…

Are you connecting through a hub? I am having the same problem, but with an AR mk1. I can connect if the machine is in usb midi mode (not OB), and is connected directly to the computer. But it no longer connects through a usb hub, which is the way I have always had it set up.

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no – i’m connecting directly to my computer, with the original elektron usb cable. running the latest version of Transfer

Hmm, that sucks. Definitely looks like there’s some issues with the newest release (is that, but you are the first Naut I’ve seen mention it.

yeah, … who do I log this with … driving me mad. sucks that there’s no sample transfer functionality in overbridge – that seems like a no brainer

Just create a support ticket, I guess. FYI Elektron hasn’t been as responsive to those as in the past, but it’ll still get logged as an issue to look into.

Solved. I’m an idiot – DT was set to Overbridge rather than USB in the USB config page under system settings. But thanks for your help

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Awesome. Glad you got it fixed. Now to figure out why it’s not working with my hub!

No there is an issue with transfer app and its not hubs, usb cables etc it has to do with Transfer not getting along with previous Elektron machines!. For God sake just use Sysex over midi its slower but it works!


So I have a model cycles and samples. Cycles connected to the transfer app on my windows laptop running the latest windows OS. Plugged the samples in which I had loaded with sound packs a week ago without problem and it now is just stuff on “connecting” in the app. Tried unplugging, closing the app out. Nothing. Factory resent the samples. Still stuck on the “connecting” after it sitting for 15min+. Any ideas.