Transitions issue

Hi everyone,

ill keep this short ive set up things in the manner mentioned on @Tarekith fantastic video

it is recording the masters track how I want it but it seems like im recording it at least twice as its distorted AF plus when I move to scene b there’s nothing there … im sure the bulk of the work is done but im def missing out on something for sure … so I’m in need of some help if possible please


Mistakes I’ve made (for future help)

I set up the transitions during an ongoing project soooo…

  • I had most other tracks already recording either AB or CD (hence the extra loudness/distortion)
    -in REC2 I had fade in and fade outs set (so start points and end points were out in this example)
    -on the my preferred global record track (T7) of the master I had a filter and dark reverb on the FX set
    -im a new Octatrack user so hold tight
    -and finally I drank waaaaaay too much last night :sweat_smile: :woozy_face:

not long now till the next issue I’m sure

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Water transitions can help. :content:


it’s a very common thing to get pissed after using the OT :joy: (my first UK/US word game)


I’m certain the manual says to drink to numb the pain from learning this machine :joy:


Pretty sure you started the booze before you started reading the manual :wink:

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Guilty !

He’s just that good of a student