Transport Send over USB not working

I’ve been receiving Transport data on the AR (Mk II) over USB from my DAW (Reaper). Works fine. Note that Clock Send/Receive in the AR is disabled because I don’t want to receive tempo information, just Transport.

I’d like to switch things around and send Transport data from the AR to my DAW. As above, I don’t want to transmit tempo info, just Transport.

In the AR’s MIDI Config, I’ve deselected Transport Receive, selected Transport Send as well as ensured Output To is set to USB.
Parameter Output is CC, Output Ch is Auto Ch. The Auto Channel is currently 14.

It doesn’t work. It appears as though Reaper isn’t receiving any MIDI information from the Transport buttons on the AR. As a test, I set Pad Dest to Ext within the AR to see if Reaper was seeing that MIDI data, which it was.

Why are the Transport buttons seemingly not transmitting MIDI data?


Could be wrong but I’ve a feeling you need clock send enabled too. Have you tried turning it on and seeing if it transmits transport?

I’ve got a vague recollection of the DN needing a similar configuration when sending transport.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve tried enabling Clock Send too, as well as Prog Ch Send. Still doesn’t appear to work.

I’m sure it’s user error.

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No worries. You’re in the right place for assistance👍. Silly question but have you git a midi filter in reaper? Can you see what the AR is sending at the message level?

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I think that’s what I’m looking for, I’ve just opened Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup and it’s rudimentary “Test Setup” button appears to show that MIDI data is being received… but I don’t think Audio MIDI Setup has the means to show you what specific message is being received.

This is leading me to think this is a Reaper issue rather than an AR one :frowning:

I’ll have a dig around in the Reaper menus to see if I can find anything. I’ve set it up correctly in the MIDI Devices page, so there must be something else I’m missing.

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I’ve used Renoise for years and afaik you can download the lite version for free. It’s got. Really cool midi filter page that displays messages sent and received. Brilliant for troubleshooting. I’ve no doubt there are other filters programmes you can get too, I found the Renoise one ideal.

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Cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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You can’t set Reaper as midi slave.

I believe you can. This video shows how you can enable a MIDI input device and also enable “control messages”

I’ve not watched the clip yet, I’ve just been messing with my AR2 and Reaper to see if 8 could see anything obvious. Looking at Reaper I can see it’s got a section for MTC. I dont think the AR supports MTC? Could that be the issue?

Also transport is a system message and not a CC or PC message. Do you know if Reaper responds to system messages, specifically transport? Just a thought

I tried the MTC option, it worked a bit but it was far from ideal. Would have required some quite substantial offsets to actually synchronise but I’ll experiment with that a bit further.

Yeah it’s a shame it doesn’t transmit CC or PC. Turns out double-pressing the AR’s Stop button sends a PC message! But no dice on the other buttons.

P.S. I downloaded a MIDI monitor app and also found Reaper’s bundled monitor plugin. That confirmed that the AR’s transport don’t send CC/PC (besides that double-press of Stop).

Okay this is weird. I just watched a bit of the vid and I managed to get AR play button mapped to Reaper play button… or so I thought. It started playing when I hit play on the AR but I couldn’t get it to stop. Then I realised it was responding to the first midi note sent from the AR rather than the button press.

You can programme Reaper to recognise midi and cc values so it works if you programme three of the pads for start/stop/record… far from ideal tho!

Another option would be to have something sending trans. That Reaper will recognise and have the AR slaved from that?

Or you could revert to your set up where Reaper controls the AR transport and use something that can generate either note or CC to control the lot?

Appreciate your testing mate :slight_smile:

Yeah I was trying to get it to trigger from the actual transport buttons on the AR, I’d used the Pads to verify it was receiving MIDI data at first.

I found a couple of posts on the Reaper forums that basically talk about Reaper not being great at slaving to other devices, especially (it seems) with transport messages.

I’ve managed to get a workaround using SPP sync in Reaper. It misses the first half a bar and doesn’t loop in sync with the AR but it achieved what I needed to get done at this point in time (printing a complex MIDI performance from Reaper to the AR) so I’m going to just accept that Reaper likes telling the AR what to do transport-wise, but doesn’t like it in return.

I might test it with Pro Tools later…

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Is there any DAW that works properly as MIDI slave? Ableton does not really like it as well afaik.

I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve tried it. I had a very specific reason to, to be fair.
I don’t see why they wouldn’t work properly. It’s a very simple binary message to receive and execute. Arguably as simple as having a Spacebar trigger the Play/Stop button. And it’s not like I’d be bothered by a 20ms latency in order to sync, or something.

Bitwig. More if you can send MTC, unless I’m remembering wrong.

The sync in Reaper is well know to be dodgy.

Yeah I’m just learning this ha! Haven’t tested Pro Tools yet, was hoping to move away from it as much as possible but keep running into annoying things with Reaper, even after hours and hours spent customising (see “fixing”) it.

Bitwig at low buffer settings, can be, so accurate you can live loop.

This is the best site ^ to read through if you want to use DAWs, he also has a YT channel, amazing info.

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This looks great, thanks!

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