Travelling with gear

Hi all!

I’m curious to know how you arrange your luggage when you must take a plane and have your gear with you.

Let’s say: backpack with gear + trolley with clothes / shipped peli case and backpack with clothes / second seat for gear etc…

I prefere to take the gear in the cabin and embark the clothes for example.

Curious to know your strategies!


Hi, I once booked an extra seat for my gear, this is in europe with ryanair or easyjet (cant remember)
I dont trust having gear in the hold, so ive never tried that

I bought the elektron suitcase/backback, and hard covers. Good investment. My 3 elektron machines fit perfectly and I wear it like a backback. It fit in the overhead storage with no problem. I’d never check my gear, too risky.

If you are using the hardshell/decksaver things in a bag make sure to put some elastic bands or something around it. Almost lost the top row of encoders on my OT when the lid slipped inside the luggage.

Last weekend I traveled with barely any clothes and OT, Snow and Keylab in my hand luggage. Worked fine apart from that they had to check if it was a bomb :smile:

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how many kilogramm is Elektron bagpack + 3 machines + deck savers + cables + headphones + toothbrush??
Most airlines restrict hand lugage to 7kg :confused:

Thought most were 10? Ryanair is at least. But in any case I’ve never had it weighed, it just needs to fit in those slots they have!

yeah I know, I never got weighted too when traveling for holidays. Even no probs with a smal backpack + little bag for camera. I also remember a guy who was allowed to bring a big cymbal from a drum kit as hand luggage :smiley:

Yeah, they’ve loosened up on number of bags as well so now most of them let you bring a laptop bag too, good for squeezing on one extra machine or pedalboard…

Resurrecting this thread. I’m traveling to France next month and am bringing my US MacBook Pro. What adapter do I buy so I don’t mess up my MacBook power supply ?

Question 2: will the MacBook stock soundcard be enough for Ableton sessions or should I take something like a dragonfly to handle dropouts?

  1. you need 220v, mac can handle both
  2. yes, as long as you dont need inputs

Your MacBook’s power supply can automatically handle European voltage, so it will be fine. You just need the physical plug adapter to convert the US pins to European ones (note that the UK and Ireland use a different plug to the rest of Europe, so it’s not really a “European” one).

You could either go with an European lead to replace the US one on your power supply, like this:

Or get a simple plug adapter that you use with your current US plug (and that you can use for other devices), like this kind of thing:

(While I’m at it, I’ll say this: Don’t try to use anything from the US that has a motor or heating element in Europe without a proper voltage converter (not just a plug adapter). Things like hair dryers, fans, straighteners, irons. The voltage we use is basically double what you use, so devices like that will run much faster and hotter than they’re designed to do.)

I just brought my Model:Samples on a trip from Ireland to Belarus and back. In both Dublin and Minsk I had to take the M:S out of my carry on bag and put it separately in the security tray, along with my laptop. In Amsterdam, they didn’t want anything taken out of bags, including laptops.