Trigger-In Mod on Rytm mkii


Has anyone modded an Analog Rytm mkii with trigger-ins for each sound?

Is it possible? How did you do it? Would love to know!

Looking to mod mine to run trigger ins…


I’m sure its possible, but it’d probs work out cheaper/safer to just buy a dedicated gate to midi module (assuming your talking modular/eurorack) and using midi to trigger it

I would say using a tigger to midi device like the Befaco CV Thing would be a better way of achieving the goal

One way to avoid the crap pad issue…

I used to use one of these as an extension to my vDrums rig. I think they’re out of production now? You should find one S/H tho…

I prefer to avoid midi and usb, I’m looking for sample accurate triggering, also to be able to use with drum mox when I get a cirklon eventually…

It would be a tricky mod if you wanted to retain velocity I think, simple triggering would be fairly electronically simple using electronic switches, even transistors, to add velocity you would also need a variable resistive element like vactrols or JFET, but I think either of these mods are outside the realms of a simple DIY project.

A good trigger to midi interface would be simpler and probably cost less.


I am trying to avoid midi as hitting more than one note or sound (from an external sequencer) at a time will add latency and jitter.

Sample accurate timing is the goal here.

Unless you know of a sample accurate trigger to midi interface that is not usb ? How is that possible without modding a device?

The trigger io is midi. With modern processors (and well written code/firmware etc) I doubt you’ll detect a delay audibly.

Do you need velocity? Presumably not as trigger alone won’t give velocity, right?

There would be two triggers per, accent and non accent.

With parameter locks, could just lock different volumes and bypass velocity in this instance…I think?

…parameter locks with midi. I guess I’ll be more specific, I would still utilize midi but not for triggering.

You might already know this, but since you said you want ‘sample-accurate MIDI’—MIDI jitter is generally only a serious concern when you’re sending MIDI from a computer (because MIDI data has relatively low processing priority there). Jitter shouldn’t be an issue when doing gate-to-MIDI and sending the MIDI directly from that module to your Rytm, but the MIDI events will arrive at minimum 1 millisecond later than other events sequenced within the Rytm. (Inherent speed limitation of MIDI. But that is latency, different from jitter and sample-accuracy concerns.)

One hack that comes to mind for “triggering” up to four voices from (at most) two separate gates is using the CV inputs and assigning them to tracks’ amp volume. Then, on those tracks, set their amp volume to minimum, and fill their sequences with trigs. Now those tracks’ VCAs are controlled by both (1) their VCA envelopes, and (2) your gates, but you will only hear the effect of each envelope while the gate is high.

For this to work well, you would want to make sure that the clock driving your gate sequence is as closely synchronized with your Rytm as possible (if it’s systematically later or earlier than the Rytm, nudge all those tracks’ trigs with microtiming to compensate), and you would want to make sure that you can adjust the gate width to fit your 1/16th notes appropriately (not too short to cut off the envelope’s decay, not too wide to gate subsequent notes). I would probably use envelopes (i.e., an analog envelope scaling the amplitude of the Rytm’s envelope) here instead of gates to avoid those gate width concerns. Then you could just leave the AR envelopes’ Hold at maximum (set length to 1/16) and actually improve the sound of the Rytm if you have better envelopes (e.g., log attack and exponential decay) in your modular system.

You could also run your gates or envelopes through VCAs to set different amplitude levels, and that would effectively give you analog velocity modulation (but, unfortunately, without being able to make use of the Rytm’s velocity mod matrix).

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me, but that’s about all you can do without MIDI.

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I am pretty sure envelopes are digital in the AR, means not possible to skip firmware with all the timing concerns. Same with Expression CV In, they are scanned and then processed, routed digitally. I don’t know how much is the delay but the jitter of AR measured as 32 samples (0.67ms). Sample accurate triggering like on analog modular is impossible.

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