Trigless trigs behavior when sequencing elektrons externaly

So I tried trigless trigs while sequencing from external via MIDI (the idea was to have different locks track length) and discovered that unfortunately it doesn’t work on AR (MK2), but works on Monomachine with no problem. Searched through the forum a bit and found same problem topic on AR, also seems that it works on A4. Can anybody confirm this? What about other elektron boxes? Is it made like this on some purpose?


Doesn’t work on :

Works on:


As @avantronica explained and @sezare56 noticed, it works on all elektons actually, but only when trigless trig is on incoming note release part, so in order to get use of it you have to use longer notes! (The reason it didn’t work on drum machines is short drum envelopes used). Thanks guys!


can you try pressing the trigless trigs and see if that triggers the mapped parameter? If that works you at least have another “feature” (works on the Digitakt)

Quite a bummer that this is not working like on the MNM and good to know it does on the A4!

yes, I noticed holding trigless trigs (yellow on AR) apllies its parameters locks to the whole track/all notes, and it does so until you release trig button (works same way as AR scenes feature).
So as I understand I can add Digitakt to the “doesn’t work” list?

Digitakt definitely… I can try with Digitone

If Elektron “fixes” this, I hope they will give us both options.

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AR envelope can have ‘normal’ length assignments (I e. Defined step length), just don’t set hold to Auto in AHD envelope

Not sure if that addresses concern, but relates to your held length issue

Thanks, but this doesn’t seem to help. Also I think I’ve read somebody had to adjust microtiming on A4 trigs in order to make this method work (tried it on AR but no luck)

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So far it looks like it doesn’t work on “drum machines”, but works on “synths”, so there is a chance for Digitone :slight_smile:

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Can you clarify what you’re doing, I didn’t quite follow, perhaps linking to previous thread too. It seems like you’re suggesting this is an exploit of an unintended behaviour, but I’m not fully grasping, clearly, what’s hoped for, especially away from device

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I’m playing AR using external sequencer, while having some AR trigless trigs with parameter locks on them. My expectation was that those locks will affect the sound, but they don’t.
It works on MNM though, and A4 as far as I’ve read

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They won’t if the locked trigs are being superceded by incoming Midi. I recall discussing something like this for A4 but that involved playing external midi with left hand and holding in manually the locked ‘preset’ trigs with right hand. Quite a neat trick. Never tried on AR

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So it looks like on some elektrons locked trigs are not superceded by incoming Midi. At least on MNM it is a lot of fun, considering you can set different “trigless” track length and speed

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I just stumbled upon the same issue. Was sequencing the AR with the Torso T-1 and placed some trigless trigs. It doesn’t affect the sound whatsoever.

Except… As mentioned above, if I hold down the trig, it starts to play the changes and it acts like a scene. Seems like this behaviour was reported about the DT in this thread.

I just tested and it works with the A4. While I would have loved if the trigless trigs worked with an external sequencer, this feature seems very promising for performance.


Has anything in this area changed, i was just trying to sequence my syntakt from my Torso T1 and thought it would be cool to have some Plocks on some steps but it only seems to work when i hold down the trig, which is a bummer as i would just like to sequence them and leave it.


Seems like there are no workarounds unfortunately. As a drum machine, it is expected from Syntakt to go into “not working” list though, thanks for info!


Yeah it would be good if it could work both ways but the way it works at the moment might be able to be used as a performance tool :+1:t4:

I remember to have tried with A4, it didn’t apply plocks while holding the note, but during release, yes.

I found a workaround with a midi processor, tested with Syntakt. Not simple. The principle is to map midi notes to the CC corresponding to the Note parameter of Trig page, and the CC corresponding to Amp Vol.

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Any link ? We tried without a few months ago. I’d say it doesn’t work (just the release part).

I think you should correct that…
Doesn’t work on OT.

Should work during the release part of the sound (after note off) for all.

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So I have been trying to sequence my Syntakt from my T1 for the last week our so but have run into nothing but limitations in terms of getting the best out of the Syntakt, in an ideal world I would like to to program notes on the T1 but use the P locks and the Fx block on the Syntakt but Elektron won’t allow this as it seems that if you do not program your notes on the device them you can’t use the cool features of the sequencer, which is such a pain and makes the Syntakt almost uninteresting to me, and also I am beginning to feel hardware as a whole is just one big pain in the backside, I have spent my time not making music but just trouble shooting and figuring things out, what do you guys think? About the productivity of hardware or the lack there of ?

On this topic I think it’s half a dozen of one 6 of the other.

With software you have licenses that need managing, driver updates, any number of software issues that can introduce issues into your workflow.

On balance I’ve actually found hardware to enable much less faffing around. But there’s faff either way.

On the limitations - this was a topic discussed recently and when I tested on my Digitone I was able to p-lock and sequence externally - is that not possible on the Syntakt or are you trying to do something quite specific?

The switch to hardware has been the best choice in music making I’ve ever made. But it’s ver personal of course.
Sequencing a groovebox, that has on itself a very powerful sequencer, with a different sequencer is unproductive in most cases imho. When you start using a groovebox like syntakt as a whole and as an instrument on its own, that’s where productivity will improve.

Also, have you tried using lock trigs in stead of note trigs to use parameter locking features? Should work fine afaik