Triplets in MIDI seq. mode?

hi there,

is it possible when controlling external drum machines via the OT’s MIDI sequencer to play triplets?
would be great if that is somehow possible… even greater if that is available per midi channel/ midi track


If you hold a midi trig and press the up arrow it will offer repeats per step. I’m not sure what the divisions are as they aren’t set up the same way as regurar retrigs, but it might be as close as you’ll get. Experiment. I wish the midi side would get an update for things like retrigs or parameter slides.

There’s several ways to do this. I would use the arpeggiator for this job. Set the speed to a power of two (2,4, or 8 for starters), lay down a drum “chord” and start playing with arp steps.

I’m not sure if I fully understand your question, but you could try using PER TRACK mode in the SCALE SETUP menu, and then setting the Tempo Multiplier of the MIDI sequencer track to 3/4X or 3/2X. But maybe that’s not what you want?

You can set the track multyliplyer to 3/4 or 3/2 , which would in turn make the track play triplets all the time. Need to set independent track lengths beforehand so only the track and not the while pattern plays it. You loose a track this way, bit still have 7 left.

One nice thing about the arp is that you can lock the speed, so you can switch between triplets and other timings within one track.

You know, I had never heard of this, and now I’m in front of my OT and can’t replicate it. Can anyone else confirm?

Turned on the OT last night just to try this. No luck over here either.

What I think Lymtronics means is the “trig count” in the microtiming popup. It queues trigs in some fashion similar to retrigs, but less precise.

So technically it’s TRIG + LEFT/RIGHT then UP/DOWN.


Ah, thanks coralhex :slight_smile:

I remember poking around with this before, not getting it to do anything much arps and retrigs can’t. On the audio side it loops the sample or slice length, which (I guess) is potentially useful as an off-grid retrig duration. On the midi side it must be linked to note length, but I can’t seem to make it tango.

Oh yes. I forgot a step. Thanks coralhex. It’s still a bit mysterious.

hello guys I have a similar question here

I´m trying to export a loop from ableton to the OT

the loop is 7 bars long

but can´t figure out how to make the OT to play it properly on 7/8

it could be a 3/4 loop as well

I´m already using per track scale… is just can´t figure out the right settings, maybe a dumb question but any help would be greatly appreciated



master sequencer set to infinite…

audio loop instead of 7/8 ( OT can’t set this metric) set to 12/16…

I’m using another technique:

for example: I need to do triplet during 4 steps of sequencer (1x speed):
1 step - in time (first trig)
2 step - +1/64 from 2nd step on grid
3 step - -1/64 from 4th step on grid

Set the tempo multiplier to 1/8 for that track and length of track to be 14/16. The track will be 7 bars long.

BTW, another way to get triplets would be to turn off quantized recording and play them by hand.