Trouble - sync w/ logic


any help is greatly appreciated, I’m new to Elektron. Just got the Model: Samples and am loving it.

How can I sync Model:Samples with Logic Pro X so that when I hit either play or record on Logic, the sequencer on the Elektron starts and will be in sync with the tempo in Logic? or is it possible to start Logic by pressing PLAY on the Model:Samples?

Trying to record my pattern into Logic and am having trouble lining up that downbeat because I can’t seem to solve the above issue.

thanks in advance!

In Logic, go to File: Project Settings: Synchronization, from here you should be able to choose your Midi Destination. Select your Model Samples, or the interface it’s connected to and check the Clock box.

On your Samples just make sure you have Receive clock/transport enabled in the midi settings. It should be synced, so pushing play in Logic will start the Samples.