Trying to control my Minitaur from OT MKII

Not having much luck. Set the Minitaur to Midi channel 7. Have the Midi thru of the OT connected to the Midi in on the Minitaur. Have programmed a little sequence on the OT but not getting anything out of the Minitaur, which is setup on a thru track on channel 7.

At first, the OT was sequencing the RYTM track 7 but I turned off Midi on the track 7 on the RYTM. Man I hate this shit :slight_smile:

The OT will not send its own midi out of the midi thru. The thru transmits what is received on the OT midi in. You have a Rytm in the mix. Sounds like your midi out is going to the Rytm. Either connect midi out of the OT to Minitaur or patch it in from the midi thru on the Rytm (with channel 7 turned off) and the thru port set to listen to the midi in.

And I have an A4 and a Keystep too. Keystep going into OT midi in. OT midi out going to Rytm. Rytm Midi thru sync B going to A4 midi in

If I set it up as you mentioned, my OT will no longer be the master, correct? I just don’t understand this stuff at all really.

Ok. Leave as is but patch the A4 thru to the MT. What you mean by MT no longer being the master ?

Sorry, meant OT no longer be the master. That’s sending clock to everything else, start / stop

A4 Thru is going to a 1 in 4 out midi thru box to my Avalons. I do have a free port on the Midi thru box

Ah ok. Thought you were referring to the Minitaur…

If you use the routing from my last post, you’ll be fine - OT can clock everything.

You keep adding stuff ! Lol. Yeah fine, use the free port on the Avalon to go to the Minitaur

Sorry , late here - meant the free port on your thru box

Yeah this is a nightmare. Yeah this is brutal. I’m ready to sell everything. This shit really aggravates me. I appreciate the help though. I’m trying to just send clock to everything yet sequence the Minitaur from the OT on a midi channel.

Stick with it, it will get easier.

The way you have it routed now with the Minitaur on the end of the midi chain should be fine. Provided you have them set up correctly, all the units should receive both midi data and clock from the OT.

I gotta hit the hay now but I’ll check the thread in the morning and see how you’re getting on.

Thanks man, it’s working now, just now my keystep is not controlling the A4 :slight_smile:

It’s all working now. Now I have to get the DFAM working into the equation too.

cool. what are you planning to sequence the DFAM with ? cv/gate from the Keystep or the A4 ? Or the OT with a converter ?

I just want clock sync to the dfam but it’s not working with a 5 pin midi to dual 1/8” adapter i’m using the lmidi through of the A4 And it sequencing and 1,000,000 mph I’ve tried din 24 and 48 of the Midi thru on the A4 an connect the 1/8” to the clock adv and start stop on the dfam

that’s not going to work. you need to sync the DFAM with a CV trigger pulse. I don’t really know that much about CV I’m afraid but guess that you could use the CV output of the A4 in some way.

if not you will need some sort of midi to cv converter box that handles clock. or, with the size of your rig and considering whether it is likely to grow or not you might consider a master midi clock box that also outputs trigger pulses for sync.

hopefully someone that knows more than me about that side of things will chime in…

Yeah I bought the Elektron CV Cable Kit, but I don’t know how to hook it up to the A4 and utilize it. I recall somewhere on here seeing about that, but I’ll have to dig.

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