Trying to decide between the A4MK2 and Novation Peak

So, I’m finally one paycheck away from a polysynth to complete my setup and be my main synth workhorse and I have narrowed it down to these two, the A4MK2 and the Peak. The rest of my setup consists of a 0-Coast, Digitakt and MPC Live (I’ll probably add the Behringer Model D too). I make sample based hip hop/techno/breakbeats/trip hop etc.

The logical choice would be the Peak. 8 voices, fantastic interface, sounds great. A poly dream synth. However, I think that such an instrument is wasted with someone like myself who doesn’t know music theory/can’t play keys/doesn’t know chords. I’m also wondering if the Peak would suit me, workflow wise.

On the other hand, the A4MK2. Sounds fantastic, a bit scary interface, lots of menus but given its flexibility with the 4 tracks and the CV track for my 0-Coast I’m almost set on buying it. I watched many videos and I think that I can be very creative with it. It looks like crazy fun, too. Also, after tasting the Elektron drug with the Digitakt I want to dig deeper into the Elektron ecosystem.

I’ve been researching for a few months now and I’m heavily leaning towards the A4MK2. Which makes most sense given the genres I make and the rest of my gear?

do you gig? If so, I feel like that should push you toward the A4!

Nope, no gigs, just a bedroom hobbyist :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm… still A4!


I was going to ask a very similar question to this yesterday! Looking forward to the answers.

I was wondering if the A4 sequencer is overkill if I’m running the Digitakt alongside?

Nothing to discuss in this forum, you already know the answer!


As an analog 4 owner, my interest in the Peak has recently been piqued.

I can see it being a very nice way to compliment the a4, although the lack of audio in would be missed as I think the onboard fx are better than the a4.


The peak looks and sounds amazing but Elektrons groove boxes can’t be denied… The sequencer/workflow is simply the best… Your DT paired with the A4MK2 would make a powerful and deadly combination… Do yourself a favor and go with the A4MK2…

Never ask on an Elektron forum what people would choose between an Elektron product and another product :wink:


You’ve got a point… Out of curiosity, would you agree that Elektron products are a standout when it comes to design and innovation?

Yeah, I thought twice before posting for this reason but I decided to post it anyway :smiley:

No, you are probably asking that question to the wrong person around here.
I much prefer the Peak to the A4.
Haven’t tried a mk2 but not interested due to not being a fan of the A4.
I do like the RYTM though

The A4 can be used as a four voice polyphonic instrument, but it’s strength is to be four independent monophonic synths, each with a superb and flexible sequencer. If polyphony or particularly the sound of the Peak aren’t the strongest requirements, go for the A4.

Digitakt for the beat, A4 for bass, lead, pad, FX, and even the CV control for the O-Coast will be an excellent environment for creating great ideas.


The original A4 has a weak sound for an analog, but the MK2 is sounding noticeably better. I find Novation gear somewhat lacking in character . If you don’t need patch memories, the Vermona Perfourmer is probably the best sounding analog poly in this price bracket. But yeah, the elektron sequencer is super creative and fun. Tough choice .

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Do you use a DAW with some synth plugins? If you do and you like to sample I would say A4. But if you don’t you may miss some parts of sonic possibilities. In this case i would buy a Peak. Peak has a broader sound pallet because of the wavetables. Peak also has a cv Input so you could modulate the peak with your 0-coast. Since you use a Mpc as Sequenzer you don’t need to be able to play keyboard, music theory is something you can learn through experience.
But if you have some digital synths/plugins (maybe a wavetable and a fm synth (there are already awesome freeware products)) you can sample those if you need a sound that you can’t get from the A4.
The Sequenzer of all Elektron products are awesome, with Parameter locks, note and parameter slides, chain and song mode.
Have you considered buying a cheaper mk1 and a Blofeld, then you would have a sound palet, as broad as the combination of a Peak and A4.
Keep in mind that you probably need a midi keyboard (maybe a Keystep for 100 bucks)…

Everything I wrote is only my opinion, I’m sure others may disagree. I have a A4, Virus, Blofeld, and lot more synths and I still want a PEAK.
If you have the possibility to test in a store, do it. It’s a real difference between the sound of a real synth via headphones VS YouTube clips…

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Whatever you buy, both synths are really good in there own way. Both are great for all the genres you listed.

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I think the Peak is better for poly stuff, obviously, more polyphony is a must for playing harmony.

The a4 sounds good but as a polysynth 4 voices aren’t enough, it is much better as 4 mono synths with a super powerful sequencer.

I exchanged my A4 for a Roland System 8 because of polyphony and interface, and while the System 8 sequencer isn’t as powerful as the A4 it can get some work done and it is bi-timbral. But I would have gone for the Peak if it had a keyboard (i really needed the keyboard).

Also consider if you get the peak you may need a keyboard which could be either a pain or an opportunity to add another sequencer as the keystep. Or use the digitakt to drive it.

Have you tried both, side by side? The feedback I get from those how have, is that the mk1 and mk2 sound very, very close.


Peak, four voices is not enough for poly duties, you already have an Elektron sequencer in the Digitakt and could add CV using something like an FH-1.

A4 MK2 --Had Peak and sold it —it was not awesome