Turn tempo 1/8 into 1/16 only in one track

I can’t make the hats or any track go 2 times faster than the rest of the tracks. I mean doubling the tempo. So if everything is playing at 1/8, I want the hats to play at 1/16 so that it’s doubled.

Does anyone know how to do this?

dunno if there is another way to do this but use retrigs at the timing you want

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No. It has been a feature request for ages.


Elektron is probably the worst music gear company ever. This is so simple, so basic in music making, I’m so dissapointed right now… even the beatstep can do that

Uhm tell me another gear or software sequencer that can do what you want…

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Retrigs are your best option. There’s loads to find online about it. The Rytm is a very special beast :3lektron:
If you’re desperately looking for polyrythms you can always get yourself an OT for Christmas.
AR + OT = magic!


The workflow on the Rytm would be to half the master scale and then use retrigs for the tracks you want to be more frequent. Just as @ZORDON wrote.

In the Elektron line-up, the Octatrack is still the only machine with per track tempo scaling.

The Rytm does different LENGTH per track though, so you can start creating different polyrhythms. Whereas OT can also do polymeasure. But that’s not what you asked for… :smile_cat:


Beatstep pro. Just pushing shift and one pad

1k more to get an Ocatrack? I already had one and didnt like its sound at all. I like the rytm because its sound and it’s analog potential.

cool sell your rytm and you can buy like 10 beatstep pros

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Far away to call Elektron the worst music gear company ever, I love their gear, they are built and programmed so well that they seem to have their own intelligence. With two machines you can achieve any sort of polymeasure and polyrhythm.

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2 machines? with 3000 € I’m sure you can get almost anything. That’s not it. A drum machine that costs 1200€ should have this very basic stuff. Again… the beatstep pro costs around 250€ and can do what I ask very easily

Are you still in your return period? If your upset about the price and need functions it doesn’t have I’d return it while you still can…
Don’t get stuck here with us telling you to like it. :slight_smile: Cause we will. :wink:


Dont get me wrong, I like may aspects of the machine… that’s why I’m upset… if it there were nothing I like about it, it would be an easier decition

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OK then.
There’s usually a couple roundabout methods to do things that aren’t actual features. And there’s a lot of knowledgeable folks on the forum here to share or help think of ideas.

Retrigs sound like a good option at 1/2x scale, or run at 2x scale if your OK with 2 bar patterns of 32nd notes, you can extend them longer with conditional trigs.

Another idea would be to record your tracks at the speed you need as samples, and then just slow the tempo back down and replace the track with the one sample. You’d be stuck in a bpm though, there is an lfo timestretch workaround that you could employ, bit convoluted but it might sound cool…

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Learn to program drum patterns. What you are asking is super simple to do.


Maybe you should have researched what this machine could and could not do for you before spending such a large amount of money on it. A lesson for next time.

My advice was for getting 32nd notes, looking back at the original post, it seems everything is already set up for this. Just place trigs on every step for the 16ths, and every other step for the 8ths…

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Just use retrig man, you can do that by placing just one trig, set the retrig and you are done