Two new Ignatius releases composed on modular

ok - fixed these… proper mastered files in place.

eurorack modular tracks recorded last summer/autumn.




I got the email from Bandcamp as I follow you and checked out the sounds that way, now I wish I had checked your link!

Hope I didn’t miss some secret tracks!

nothing missed… i accidentally uploaded wrong versions of some songs… oops. same songs (but mastered) will be uploaded by end of the week.

note to self… don’t do stuff when having the flu

Well I’m glad I didn’t miss anything!
Get well soon fella!

Was listening to your stuff today whilst moving modules in my case, streamlining the flow!
Love your sounds!

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feel better man, looking forward!

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ok… fixed these releases. proper mastered files in place.

anyone who bought it can just redownload the files from bandcamp. if you have any trouble let me know.

Great label…

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