Two Notes Captor X and EVH 5150

I just wanted to share that if anyone is looking for guitar tone in a silent, portable rig this a great route.

I tried the Helix and Kemper. The Kemper was better to my ears. I also tried the Strymon Iridium.

None of them could match the sound of an amp and cabinet for that fat metal chug or the full bodied sound of the guitar vibrating and resonating while picking strings. Until this setup.

I’ve only been jamming for a couple of hours but it’s just amazing. It’s like having your amp mic’d up in another room. Using a real tube amp is just where it’s at. The modelers and profiler just don’t seem to have something … I can’t place my finger on it.

So, I’m recommending to anyone who needs a portable guitar tone rig: the Captor X and the tube amp of your choice. I really dig the EVH because I love how it saturates. But I’m sure any amp will sound just as lovely through the Captor X magic box.

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I use both a 30 watt head into a torpedo live and a helix, I like have the options of all the models and the ease of going from a plexi to a bogner in a couple switches. Both sound great also IMO.

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It’s really astonishing how good it sounds.

You’re probably more of a talent than I am on the axe. I’m basically bar chords and two string or single string cold wave type sound.

What do you think about how it doesn’t suck the tone out?

I was just so happy to hear what I was hearing.

[quote=“godlesshorror, post:3, topic:151100, full:true”]
What do you think about how it doesn’t suck the tone out? [/quote]

Not sure what you mean

Édit: no idea why the quote is not working out for me

I just mean that it doesn’t turn the real amp sound into a washed out fizzy turd.

It sounds like a mic’d up cabinet to my ears.

I can’t wait to record with it and put it through its paces.