Unable to hear synth when using MIDI controller to input trigs

Hey all, ran into an irritating little problem: I have my OT controlling a eurorack oscillator (via cv.ocd), and was using an Arturia Keystep as a controller to input midi trigs on the OT.

When I played the keystep, I could hear my synth no problem. But when I held down a trig and pressed the keystep to set the note, I wasn’t able to hear my synth.

It set the note just fine, and the next time the sequencer came around I was able to hear it, but it’d be nice if I could hear the note I’m playing while setting the pitch so I can be sure I’m playing the note that I want.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

What if you play the note to choose it, then plock it?
AFAIK no option to change that behavior anyway.

Do you mean play the note first to hear it, then hold down the trigger to plock the pitch? I supposed that’s one workaround, just means playing each note twice on the keystep, once to play the note and determine it’s the right pitch, and once while holding down the trigger on the OT to plock it. That’s what I’ve been doing so far, but not the most elegant solution unfortunately.

I suppose another option might be to split the MIDI from the keystep into two signals, send one to the OT like I’m currently doing and one to the synth…again a little roundabout, but maaaybe it would work?