Unable to sync metronome to track

I know that similar issues has been discussed in other threads, but they do not answer the issue i’m facing.
No matter what metronome setting I choose, I can not seem to get it to match up with the tracks in my current project. I like the feel of the song, so I would love it if I wouldn’t have to change the time signature… Has anyone else experienced similar issues where the metronome does not sync up with the tracks? Can anyone spare some knowledge on the issue?

The reason I need a metronome is so that I can send a clicktrack to a drummer.

Settings on my OT:
BPM: 100
Pattern scale: 40/48 (3/4)
Arp: Speed 10

External delay:
BPM 100 / 400ms triplets.

Are you sure of those settings?

Yes! It sounds good and musical with the delay activated :thinking:

Can’t you send a track to CUE ?

Huh? Do you want me to upload a clip here to let you hear what I mean?

If you want, but can you make a track with a synced click, without the metronome, in order to check if it is possible musically?
How many beats in your loop ?

Here is a demonstration of the issue. As you can see and hear, no metronome settings work with the track. I like the sound and feel of the arp with delay, and I have not managed to recreate it with another setting so that it ends/starts on the one of the next pattern without having a 3/4 time signature.

Edit: forgot to demonstrate a 3/4 metronome in the video. But it does not align either.

Just make your own click track… its an octatrack afterall.
And cant the drummer just play to the track?

Sure I can do that. But I would like to learn why this is happening, and what I’m doing wrong. I have stumbled across the same issue earlier. But did not try to understand what was happening then :slight_smile:

Im not at my OT right now but I would say its due to step length and arp settings.
3/4 scale set up means the track runs at three quarters of the global tempo. This is not the same as 3:4 time signiture.
You also have 40 steps. Not 48. Is your master sequencer set to INF? On top of that you have an odd arp note division, buggered if I know what 10 means, but it sure isnt 16th notes or anything easy like that.
So the ‘1’ of the metronome, and the ‘1’ of your 40 step pattern running at 3/4 the global tempo, with an odd arp not division, will take a very long time to match up once started.
In short, you have a very long polymeter.
Easiest solution would be make your own click track. Even easier than that is just get the drummer to play to your track. Any drummer worth their salt has their own internal infintely programmable metronome anyway. ( I say that as a drummer)

Good luck.


Yes, I think that setting is the main culprit.
A value of 10 warps my head.

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Alright, thanks for the explanation :ok_hand: It certainly seems like i have managed to dribble myself into a corner, and made something pretty simple in a complicated fashion…

Ah, I have not seen that post. Thanks, it will certainly come in handy.
Is it possible to figure out what “10” would be in musical terms? Is it a non standard arp tempo?

Each step is 1/96. So 10 steps are 10/96 = 5/48.

I don’t think there exists a special music term for this length. :wink:

Alright :joy: How does 24 ppq relate to 96 btw? Both are resolution right?

Edit: Nevermind, 1 quarter note x 4… Math game is not strong…