Wow… This sound pack was right up my alley. Been playing though the presets and there so many great patches in this one I can’t stop smiling.

The “B-PAD” in 4 voice poly-mode and I’m in old school kraftwerk heaven and the “A-GAIN” is this pad/bass thing that just sound good whatever I’m playing…

Good work mr Floppy disk pirate and thanks to Elektron for giving these away for free.

My favourite sound pack yet. Loads of great pads. Really inventive stuff. The joystick programming on some of the sounds is inspired. I’ve learnt more from deconstructing these patches than reading the manual 5 times over!

Just wanted to chime in and say how impressive these sounds are. I’m using my A4 more and more as a pad machine and there are some real crackers in this collection. Top work!

stupid question . I tried to send the files via the newest C6 over USB connection to the A4 but it does not work . I already set the Midi in ports in Global to USB, the cable is fine , C4 sends but A4 does not recieve nothing.
A4 waits and waits for incoming data.
Was it just possible to send such files over real Midi Interface?


Struggling with the same issue - can not seem to load this sound pack into A4 +drive. I have tried multiple usb cables and direct MIDI and can not get the A4 to recognize these files. I then went back and loaded an older sound pack with no issue (same exact setup). Somehow the download was corrupted or the Files do not work with my current OS (1.11B) - I’ll try updating my OS tonight but curious if others have found a work around.

olafp, junomusic: These patches require newest OS (1.12B).

I have to also say that there really are some amazing sounds in this one! Best pack so far.


thanks man you made my day :slight_smile:

a really nice collection of sounds!

This was done with only sounds from the Unmechanical Sound Pack.
Very nice sounds from Floppy Disk Pirates!!