Unmistakable Guitar Tones (patches?)....?

What are some guitar tones that even if you don’t know the song you just need to hear a few notes and you know… :exploding_head: … that’s < yo mama >?

I’m not a huge fan of the Derek Trucks Band, but I am quite fond of this one song Sahib Teri Bandi - Maki Madni,.
Today I’m listening to the radio, and I heard a song I’d never heard before, and feeling pretty ambivalent about the song, and then the lead guitar comes in, and I think “oh yeah, this has gotta be Derek Trucks”… Sure enough it was…

These days, there’s a lot of options and if the web is any indication guitarists are chaining up like a dozen or more guitar pedals at time, but who’s actually playing compelling, widely usable, guitar “patches” right now?

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I’m not quite sure what your question is tbh… but, at the risk of sounding obvious and cliche, the guitar players you can recognise instantly is because of what and how they play, not what they’re going into.
Touch and feel, and musicality.

Jimmy Page sounds like Jimmy Page whether he’s playing a Tele through a 1x10 Supro combo or a Les Paul through a HiWatt stack.
David Gilmour, same. Jimi Hendrix, same. Mark Knopfler, same.
I get that some people make a sound their own (The Edge with a Memoryman, Jack White with a Whammy), but there’s still the person behind it all that’s the key to it.

But… a Line 6 Helix will get you into anyones rig territory.

He has a very distinctive tone. Or playing style. Whatever, he is very recognisable.

yeah - actually - I think that’s what I’m alluding to.
like Flea’s style is so recognizable you know it’s him on Action Figure Party, or You Oughta Know.

Like @bibenu wrote as well - I guess I just curious what instrumentalists today I should learn about who really have a distinctive sound…

pantera / dimebag darrell … far beyond driven = greatest guitar sound ever, love it so much



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Probably more because of technique than tone but
Tom Morello

Also, Chuck Schuldiner, because his tone was so “shit” by guitar snob standards and his playing style was miles ahead of its time.

Ichiro Agata from Melt Banana too, because listen to Melt Banana and tell me anyone else can play a guitar like that.


Love this cover of Planet Caravan, too.

A Rat pedal will get you a lot of the way towards Sunn O))) sounds.


Ichika Nito - mostly clean Strat-style tone, so basically any patch that has little to no effect other than a clean amp model.

Yeah, but to get all the way is gonna cost you a lot of Model T’s.

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Henry Vestine - Canned Heat

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Anything by John Scofield.

Robbie Blunt’s guitar tone on Robert Plant’s “Big Log”.

Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)


Thank you for mentioning Melt Banana. I hadn’t thought of them in a long while and will definitely be giving them some time again tomorrow. And yes, Ichiro is a singular beast.

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Melt banana yes
Steve Albini yes

Frankie Lee Sims, fuck yes

Wilko Johnson fucking amazing

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Love Robbie Blunt’s tone, very underappreciated and very singular.

Eric Claption with Cream
Josh Homme on Songs for the Deaf
Peter Green

The most beautiful guitar tone to my ears is the clean guitar sound of jonny greenwoods telecaster

Todd Rittman

Billy Gibbons

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