Unmuting volume issue on Rytm Mk2

Any help would be appreciated! When I unmute a muted track in a live jam to bring it into the mix, the first trig plays at a noticeably lower volume and then corrects itself for the rest. Sounds lousy, any suggestions folks? Thanks in advance!

Maybe your compressor settings?

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Check your FX and Slide tracks for any trigs that you might have accidentally put down, check the audio track for any p-locks on your trigs, and try checking the compressor settings. Run it mixed 100% dry to see if that’s causing it.

If it’s none of the above, hold YES + SCENE to temp save your pattern. Press FUNC + PLAY while you are not in grid recording mode to clear your pattern. Then try placing some trigs to see if the issue is still present. If it’s good to go press NO + SCENE to reload the pattern.