Unresponsive to CC 93 (Solo) and CC 94 (Mute)


While sending the following CC messages to Digitakt I was only able to mute Tracks. Once a Track was muted with CC94 127 then I try it to unmute it with CC94 0, however it stayed muted!

With CC93 127 I wasn’t even able to solo any track!

Any reason for these CC messages don’t work?


EDIT: CC94 works fine, so, only CC93 isn’t working as supposed to.

The solo cc was removed from the dt in a early firmware update. If you do a search of the forums there are a couple discussions why.


Ok, however the user manual still refers to it…

It was removed between firmware 1.04 and 1.06. Solo is not present in the current version of the user manual. Go to the elektron website and select digitakt from the support page. The current manual will be there. Getting the manual from a google search does not always yield the current version.


Solo was removed, because there is no way to enable/disable it on the device itself, nor is the solo state visualized somewhere (which gets users quite confused when a stray solo CC got processed).


Solo was removed because of user error.
The solo state was visualized on the global mute page with yellow trig buttons.

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