Updating Firmware and Backing Up DT

Hi folks – I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’d like to update my firmware, as I’ve become aware of some bugs that are interfering with my workflow. I noticed I’m on 1.03 (i know i haven’t updated in a while).

i’d like to update BUT i have a show next week and I’m afraid of a crash or system reset.

has anyone had any experience where they updated their firmware and had their data wiped or system frozen? want to know if this is a possibility.

now i know what you’re thinking…“why don’t you back everything up first just in case?”…well, I tried. And the Transfer app wasn’t finding my Digitakt.


The transfer app is only for transferring and backing up the samples on the digitakt. Sysex backup of projects is done using C6, which is available on the elektron website. C6 is also the most reliable way to update the digitakt firmware.

The rub in your case, if I remember correctly, is that sample backup from digitakt to a computer was not available on firmware 1.03.

You should be fine updating though, I would update straight to firmware 1.10 using C6.

I got my digitakt on 1.03 and have had no issues with updates for each firmware update that has been released.

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Curious, did it work out fine for you?

it did, i updated firmware and everything was all good. huge relief.