US Monomachine in UK?


Does anyone know if a SFX-60mkII+ bought from America will work in the UK or do I need step down transformers etc?


The power adaptor that comes with the Monomachine works with all voltages. You will just need to buy the appropriate standard power cable with that weird UK plug on the end :wink: , which you can get at any electrical shop. The exact standard reference is given in the spec section of the Monomachine’s manual.

I can confirm this will work - I actually bought my MD from a UK retailer, and just swapped out the UK part of the power supply with a US one.

Switching power supplies like this will usually say something like “Input: 100-200V ~ 50/60Hz” - meaning it can handle any of that.

Thanks guys, I would have RTFM but I wouldn’t have known where to look, electronics ain’t my strong suit… :slight_smile: