USB adapter options for connecting DT / DN to iOS device

Are there any options except official Apple Lightning to USB camera connection kit?
Maybe there are some third-party lightning to usb adapters that would work for class-compliant midi/audio?

I really wanna try these new class-compliant MIDI/audio capabilities of DN and DT, but there is no official Apple stores in the place where I am right now and I’m not sure I can find original adapter.

Check iconnectivity products.

yeah it’s confusing because Apple doesn’t make a product called a “camera connection kit” anymore.

I bought this to use with an iPhone and an iPad and it works perfectly:

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They re-named it slightly, it’s still called a “Camera Adapter” and you can find it here:

I have this exact model and it works well.


I had an iConnectivity dongle, £50, wasn’t very accurate at all.

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