Usb-audio without overbridge

before i update the firmware i need to know:

is usb-multichannel audio working then without overbridge?
i don`t have enough channels on my mixer…

was it ever ?

for me never, but i`ve heared and read that it should.

Multi channel audio over usb requires overbridge.

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Where did you read this?

somewhere here in the forum, but its very possible that it was a wrong translation of mine.
but ok: what about stereo usb audio?

Overbridge has to be installed into your system. After that you can record multichannel audio with your DAW without running the Overbridge Control App. Thats how I record AK and Heat into Audacity. Without installing Overbridge, audio over USB is not possible.


thx! have you installed the new firmware and does it still work?

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no and I wont upgrade before Overbridge 2.0 is out of beta.

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i see
anyway: how did you manage to get multichannel usb without overbridge until now?
i tried everything but couldn`t get it to work…

I’m using AK and Heat and both of these are supported by old version of Overbridge that is working well. You are probably using Rytm MK2 (I’m just guessing so please correct me if I’m wrong) that is not supported by existing version of Overbridge. With this I can only suggest to wait for the Overbridge 2.0 or buy audio interface meanwhile. Or buy second hand Heat MK1, it’s really good and you will find it to be useful in your studio even after new Overbridge is published. If not, just sell it later.


You do need overbridge, as in : You need the drivers installed so that your computer recognizes your device as an audio device.

im using mk1, but i only could get usb audio to work when i enabled overbridge mode on the rytm. i would love to buy heat, but at the moment ive got some kind of financial problem. so unfortunately that`s not an option right now

  • heat is also stereo (2 channels) only so how would that help?

yep, thats how you do it. No need to buy anything extra. I made the suggestion for audio interface because of false impression that you are using MK2.
Ok now I understand your question: you have MK1 and you are worried if you should update to OS 1.45. My answer is no, you should not, as you will loose the compatibility with Overbridge 1.15 (current version), hence the ability to stream audio over USB.

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i thought that maybe the incompatibility is only affecting the plugin, but not the usb audio…
so you are sure that it would not work?

yes, according to their website,
I would just wait until they will actually upgrade the Overbridge

Having problems using audio via usb on analog keys in overbridge 2 beta.