Using a Midi Pedal To Record Directly on Flex Machines?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to do this? Ideally, I would just want to record a live sample of my hands-on instruments and get straight to mangling the sample up.

All I’ve seen on this subject is using a Midi Pedal to trigger the pick-up machines.

Thank you

If you look at the MIDI Control Reference Appendix of the manual, you’ll see that there are a number of MIDI notes dedicated to triggering various Record options.

Eg. To activate Recording input AB on Track 4, you would send a C#4 (61) Note On on Channel 4.

Eg2. To activate Recording SRC3 on Track 2, send a D#4 (63) on Channel 2.

Your MIDI pedal will need to be able to send Note On, or else you will need some way to convert a MIDI CC to Note On.

I tried…don’t seem to work.

I do this all the time with flex machines, one switch set to “active track down” (Midi NN 69) and the other set to “INCD record” (NN 62) where my guitar is plugged in. Of course you must make sure that each track you want to record on has the appropriate input enabled. And of course, the track must be active, and midi auto channel set up appropriately.