Using AR as a midi controller?

Im finally integrating my hardware with my DAW and would love if i could use my AR pads as a midi controller. Is this possible? could anyone walk me thru the setup?

What kind of control do you want?

What messages do you need to send?

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Id like to use the pads to play Logic’s drum synth etc and control some of the parameters wiht the knobs, rather than need to buy another controller. If possible.

I don’t know Logic but the AR will send MIDI note messages if you set PAD DEST to “INT+EXT” or “EXT” in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu.

Similarly, the knobs and pads can send CC messages if you set ENCODER DEST and PRESSURE DEST appropriately in the same sub-menu.

You will need to route MIDI messages via USB, if you’re connecting the AR to your mac via USB.

Ok. seems doable. Do you know if Id have any problems then playing the AR on its own while connected via overbridge to the DAW? Id assume as long as the plugins its set to are muted/not active it might be ok?

And would I need to set each pad to its own midi channel? I currently have all the channels set off , except for pgm change, I believe.

That depends on what you’re controlling.