Using different Parts for breakdowns

I’m looking at creating some breakdowns. Currently I have an AR MK1, 303 clone and SV-1 plugged into the OT and have been sequencing things and changing patterns on the AR. I’m currently using 2 Parts per bank for each tune, however I’ve just realised I might be being too linear. I’m not using any resampling etc. and maybe I can use the other two parts (2 parts per tune) to start doing some weird/more experimental things … what advice/tips do the fantastic Elektronauts hive mind suggest?
Thanks Chris

For 1 song I avoid to use parts so I use plocks / sample locks instead.

interesting, currently 2 machines are taken as thru, and 1 as a neighbour, 1 as master and 1 for transitions. My idea was to resample the master, and on the 2nd ‘part’ slice, plock and weird it up a bit with more sample tracks and neighbour machines. Do you reckon that the switch between parts would be too much of a change?

You definitely have to push your ideas and test them. I believe every OT user has their own workflow. And maybe several, even.

I would really like to see what you come up with when you identify something that fits your taste!


Thanks, yes, at the worst it will be a fun noisy experiment!

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As Flex machines can used as Neighbor, Thru, even Master track, there are workarounds to avoid machine changes, hence parts.

You know the so called ‘Transition Trick’?

yep, sorry for not being clearer - that is what I am using track 7 for - with the master, 2 thru machines and 1 neighbour machine, this only leaves 3 sample engines free. I tend to use 2 of these as static machines playing loops (I have previously recorded from the rytm and other synths). My thought was that I use most of the OT patterns with the template above (playing live), but have some other patterns with a different part with a different machine configuration that have some pre-recorded loops of the outputs of the previous configuration slicing, dicing, efxing and destroying and breaking things down. I’m going to give it a go and see what happens :slight_smile:

just bouncing ideas around a cluttered head! :slight_smile: