Using FX track to control external synth via CV

So, I don’t really make much use of the FX track- in fact I kinda just stay away from it in general at the moment. I do however use the effects from the individual tracks themselves. My question is, by using it as a second CV sequencing track for a second synth, what will I be sacrificing if anything? I also am not using the external inputs of the Elektron although I don’t think that has any relevance.

you’re only sacrificing the ability to plock the fx settings in the most flexible manner - if you start adding and removing trigs on that track you run the risk of losing plock data

Wait, you can use the fx track for CV?


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Do you set the CV settings on the CV track and then just sequence normally on the fx track?

You set the TRK (encoder E) parameter on the Pitch or Gate/Trig to the required track, the FX track is convenient if you’re not locking that a lot.

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Holy shit. Hooooly poopsticks. So any track can send the CV out?!? Looooord almighty.

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Follow up question:

Can I use the ‘kick drum’ trick that I would normally use on the cv track, on the fx track?

Seems like I should be able to, but confirmation would be great.

But don’t you target Value Lin which is a CV track only parameter - anyway, out of curiosity I explored what was doable when using V/oct and targeting Tune/CVA etc - there’s nothing usable you can do using the FX track imho - you can get nice modulated timbres with the CV source track, but unless you know what you’re doing to the voltages (i fed it back in) i’d stick to the safe voltage limited Value Lin approach and modulate that … ymmv, but I don’t think it works as you anticipate


Shame. Thanks for checking!


I’ve a new question about this topic: Joystick in track fx assigned to CV CD?

I have a minitaur connected to A.K by CV CD. I control the Minitaur with the track fx of AK. ( I use track CV to control an Ms 20, with CV AB).

Can I make pitch bend with the AK ’s joystick to modify Minitaur’s pitch?

I think it’s not possible car in the track FX when I go to the sound menu- pitch bend, we cannot assign it to any Osc Pitch.

Am I right?

Idem issue with the velocity sensitive, I cannot assigned it to the VCA or the filter of the Minitaur

Thanks for your help.