Using midi keyboard for midi functionality - not working on midi tracks

Hi folks,

I want to use my gear without a daw and for that reason I want to Control my synths via the digitakt by a midi keyboard.

So far it is working, I can play my drum sounds (track 1 - 8). But if I change to a midi channel (track 9 - 16), midi keyboard still plays the drum sounds.

I have no idea what I did wrong - but I am sure I am the Problem here :smiley:

So can someone please help me wjat I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much!!


My bad, hat to change inputs to pure midi insteat of midi + usb

//Ed: nope. now it is playing always track 1 + selected midi track?!

Use DT Auto channel as MIDI channel on Ext device

read forum and manuals etc for lots of insights into the basic stumbling blocks

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Thanks for your Reply.
Meanwhile it worked like you said. With setting autochannels to 1. every chosed track incl. selected synth in the track is controlled via midi keyboard.