Using Octatrack as a loop playback machine?

How hard do you think it would be for a complete OT beginner to get my head around loading up perfectly cut loops (1/2/4/8 bars) and using the OT to add live variation using the OT cross fader and fx?

Still playing with the idea of getting an OT mk1 instead of the DT.

I make music in Reason/Ableton and it could be a cool way to develop tracks and add variety.

But still very intimidated by th OT, and maybe if I wasn’t sampling it wouldn’t be so hard to learn…

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Not hard at all, till 4 bars.
If you only do what DT do, it is not that complicated, except Control All, but you have crossfader.

If you want to learn all what OT can do, it can be long.


Drag sample loops to cf card…
New OT project…
Set tempo…
Load loops to tracks…
Set scale for tracks… (Or use one shot trig set to loop)
Trigs on step one… (Or one shot)
Press play…

Now all your loops are going and you can add fx to each and create scenes that mix the loops in and out and control fx…

Half hour maybe…


Get the OT. DT is nice but not as 1/4 as powerful.
Control all is nice, crossfader with scenes is way nicer.


ok so harder with 8/16/32/64 bars?

Not much harder.
You have to change scale, per track or not (1/8 scale = 32 bars), or use FIRST trig conditions, or one shot trigs.

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Or assuming you don’t always need say the 64 bar pattern to loop at 64 bars you could use statics and slices to pick which section plays. You can use different patterns in the OT to play different sections of the longer loops, as usual with the OT there is more than 1 way to skin the cat.


Maybe that’s the more confusing, you have to make choices…:slightly_smiling_face:

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