Using slices for strings to go up the scale

Octatrack MkII. Just figured something out. I just learned to do slices thanks to the forum. Now I can do a string sample (single note or chords) and go low to high. After I slice the sample, then I double tap on scr, and I choose slice on. So from here, I can hold down the trigger, and choose which slice I want using the strt knob, so I can choose from multiple chords or notes. I can change the pitch this way as well.

I can also use it to audition different drums or snares from the same sample, though it doesn’t work as well because the timing may be a bit off. So one possibility in such a scenario would be to copy the sample then trim it once I found the sound I like. Probably not the best use case, though.

For strings, it works ok, though. I suppose you can have different sounds on the same file as well. This is a lot faster than going through the menu and picking out samples to see which one works with the mix, since it’s only one knob. Also helpful if you’re using different samples on the same track. Fewer files to deal with, as well.

You can also play slices in Slice mode. It’s also a good way to select them in the audio editor.


Now you can try setting slices to your crossfader or setting an LFO to slice number to generate random melodies. Do yourself a favour, grab Octachainer too and throw a bunch of samples in it