VCV Rack 2 Overview



Now that I have a mac capable of running it, it would be rude not to download it.


its actually really sweet. a LOT of modules haven’t been updated yet. BUT…having a trimmed down selection is kinda nice. less confusion of what to get. I think im not gonna be grabbing them all. I just gonna pick select modules.

I LOVE that you can make a favorites list tho. very nice.

playing with this…

I was really excited about this, but am I wrong that it’s not M1/Silicon Native? I’m trying hard to keep my DAW (Logic) using only Silicon native plugins to make things run smoothly.

yeah, no apple silicon support (only intel) , so runs thru Rosetta2.

I did see Andrew has finally acknowledged apple silicon, and is now on the ‘wish list’ for v3.
no idea when v3 would be though… and alot of people are going to soon be on apple silicon.
and at some point Apple will pull the rug on Rosetta2. (they alway have in the past)

also its VST2 only at the moment. so wont work in logic
(though ‘more formats on the way’ according to website)


That’s a deal breaker for me, unfortunately. Thanks for the info.


has anyone testet already on an M1 through rosetta in Ableton?

yup nicely for me (so far) in both Ableton and Bitwig, on a Mac Mini M1

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I think I read something on the VCV forum about that. I can’t remember where tho. If I find it again I’ll forward. Poke around over there.

What year is this?


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Agreed feels shortsighted…

v2 requires all module developers to adapt and recompile … seemed like a perfect opportunity to get them to recompile as universal binaries at the same time.

most other apps have been released native now, or are expected pretty soon, so to release a major update that’s not native is a bit odd.

and no vst3 / au seems similar lacking


Definitely not worth paying for if it can’t run natively on ARM.


You could, providing you can code, do it yourself. They provide the steps. Me…no can do. I’m as dim as nightlight.

regarding V1 -> V2 conversion

yes, I could compile for apple silicon native, but I would also have to compile all modules from 3rd parties too… and of course that would exclude any modules Ive paid for (since they are not open source)

as for v1->v2, Ive no complaints in that regard…
its not Andrew’s (vcv) job to convert every 3rd party plugin, he provided the tools, from there it’s up to the developers… and if they don’t want to provide for v2, that is up to them… it’ll sort itself out in the end.

this is why he should have put the universal binary build in place, so that when they did the v2 work, the would have also built universal binaries, at little/no extra effort.

the issue is, now when he does put in place universal binary support (which is inevitable) he will have to get those same 3rd party devs to rebuild again… so we end up with another transition stage, that was perhaps unnecessary.

the vst3/au thing is not really a big deal… that can be done as a 2.x release, and does not affect the module library in any way… its just vst2 is basically dead, it should have been vst3…


If you are capable of rebuilding VCV for ARM yourself then you could also just use those same hours to do paid work and then buy real Euro modules.

I buy software so I don’t have to recompile it myself.

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Ya I wouldn’t expect him to port them all over. But what I’m saying is the instructions are given to do so. So cool! But that’s outside my skills set.

Ya me…I could care less about VST/AU. Stand-alone as a conduit to my rack is what I use it for. And so I don’t have to spend money on LFOs and Envelopes and the like.

adding: this guy made an awesome mod to the Audible Instruments version of Marbles. I REALLY don’t wanna lose that. but he doesn’t seem to want to update it. I’m trying to convince him to do it, but so far no luck. id do it, but there’s no way. I mean I guess it couldn’t hurt to try, but I really have no clue.

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hey man…keep in mind…I have NO idea what im talking about. :+1:t6:


Huge update. Some happy that it’s finally here.

anyone having issue with the SCOPE?

I only get a response if I put CVs into input 2. 1 doesnt seem to werk for me