Vermona drm1 mk3 midi questions

Can I control the vermona drm1 mk3 from a Korg electribe er1 or Korg es1? How do you you control it from a analog rytm MK2 or mother 32? Is beat step pro best?


Send MIDI note messages.

Does your DRM1 have gate inputs?



I’m currently sequencing my DRM1 with a Machinedrum and also from my modular (I have the model with trigger inputs). It responds to MIDI note messages sent on the same channel - it has a default setting but you can also use MIDI learn to assign different notes -they have to be on the same channel though (edit: this is incorrect! see post below). One thing that wasn’t immediately clear to me is that for each of the hi-hat channels you can send different midi notes to get open and closed hi-hats (with standard choking behavior). So even though you’ve got 8 channels of drums there are 10 different midi note values if you want both open and closed hi-hats for both hi hat voices.

Re: Beat Step Pro - I don’t have one but it seems like a great pair for the Vermona for sure. The thing I like about the Machinedrum in combo with the DRM1 is that you can save your midi machines as a part of your drum kits so I have a few different kits that are specifically tailored to the DRM1.

Beatstep Pro works great with it. RYTM probably too but I haven’t tried it.

the trigger ins are probably great fun especially if you have a modular. but remember on the mk3 they’re only on or off. whereas over midi it’ll respond to velocity for an accent sound. with the mk4 the trigger ins respond to varying cv for this.

The DRM1 MKIII manual also suggest that you can have the Instrument Channels on different MIDI Channels.

From the DRM1 MKIII manual :

Setting the MIDI-channel and note number for an individual instrument channel

  1. Press the TRIG button 2 of the corresponding instrument channel while switching the unit on. Hold the button for about three seconds until the sound and the corresponding LED is triggered. The DRM1 MKIII has now entered learn mode

  2. Now, send a MIDI note number to the unit, e.g. by pressing a note on a connected keyboard. The note number and the MIDI-channel used will be learned by this instrument channel. The DRM1 MKIII automatically and immediately jumps into normal play mode.

Repeat these steps for each instrument channel if needed. This way you may play the DRM1 MKIII’s sound on different MIDI-channels.

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Thanks for pointing this out! Since I sequence it from my Machinedrum and already have my kits set up I haven’t had to mess with configuring midi on the DRM1 in a while.

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Yes, but the er-1 only sends 2 velocity values - (IIRC 100, or 125 on accented notes), thus you’d miss out on the subtitles of the Vermona responding to a range of velocity values.