Vestax PMC CX

What do you think about this one?
and what is a reasonable price for a 2nd hand one, that works fine?

Vestax PMC CX,m.902063.html

They’re probably hard to find and pretty expensive. It was designed for/with Carl Cox - so a dope mixer.
Strangely enough, I had not heard of this one until just a couple days ago and now I’m seeing it again.

Old Vestax’s are awesome.

Good mixer!

Vestax PCV275 is also awesome. I really miss the eq on that thing…

These were really dope mixers. First time I had a chance to play with eq kill switches - and they were so tiny.

The VMC 180 was a close cousin, better in some ways but not as nice in others. But they were super cheap and extremely cheap and easy to fix … I kept one going for years before finally selling it to a good friend, who I then helped keep it going for.

I just randomly scored a PMC-07 because I have a problem with mixers.

Great sound, great EQs.
I couldn’t find one when I was looking.
Went with VMC180 instead and I do love it.

Not sure how much it would cost but…
a xone 62 are pretty cheap considering what they can offer!