[VIDEO} a4 & digitakt deep house jam - a4 song mode controlling digitakt

will upload details in a bit, wife is glaring at me.


I normally don’t get along with House- but your stuff just really gels with me.

Have you tried controlling the DT with A4 song mode while the DT is the master clock?

Edit: hopefully your wife was glaring at you in some love/adoration because the track/video was so nice <3

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Ha! She could care less. But she prefers this music cycle more than when i go guitar crazy because with this i use headphones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah she appreciates it. Just not that it takes so mich of my time and attention.

Not sure what genre this or my others are in really. I tend to prefer softer, melodic stuff but with techno style drums. Maybe it’s deep ambient tech-house. Who the hell knows.

Have not tried running the digitakt as the main clock. I like song mode. Just have to figure out better performance macros. Next up i sitting with overbridge and the a4 to set up a template starting point with a few control all type fx.

Track info (channels etc) posted on youtube.

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I typically lean towards making my gear do weird things(which, with Elektron- they offer plenty of opportunity with that)

So the DT saving BPM data on patterns could lead to bizarre tempo shifts mid track- and that just sounds fun to me.

Keep up the good work- if your wife ever feels neglected, tell her I said you’re doing a service for the world :smiley:

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That’s a good idea about the bpm. I usually stay on one though.

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She couldn’t care less?

Nice track BTW.

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One or those things right? You are correct of course but since it is used more this way, and has for ever, both are accepted and defined in dictionaries, etc.

Beautiful Beautiful work there. Got anymore?

thanks! i have about 8-9 on my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0yLfar3JmQoPhilSdvCag . if you like subscribe as i should be uploading at least one a week.