Vocal glitch fx in real-time?

At work without an option to investigate atm so asking you guys if I will be able to stream a vocal track to AB thru and then apply glitch/repeat assigned to the crossfader. A no go?

it is a go

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I do this all the time, not with vocals, but with my sequenced synths. Set up a flex machine, playing back its own record buffer, with a (normal, not one-shot) record trig set up at the start of the pattern and then go crazy. One note though, it’s fairly easy to silence the track if you try to go ahead of where the buffer is recording; it’d be nice if it kept the previous recording while progressively replacing it with the new one, but alas, it deletes it every time the record trig activates.

Anyway, there’s still plenty you can do with it live, like retriggering the sound, pitching it down etc.


You can also use almost real-time pitch up if you use an lfo on Start, synced to sample playing, timestretch off, a trig on each step. Similar to pitch shifter, or accelerated playing feeling if you slower the lfo speed.
You can always pitch up if the sample is played later, with certain limits, if you pitch down or reverse before.
Use several rec trigs to refresh realtime fx.
Freeze fx with Rate set to timestretch.
With timestretch on, and 2 tracks, you can play incoming twice faster without pitch up, but of course it has to be delayed and played twice.


Ah, fantastic - many thanks to all of you, will try in the weekend!