Voice Component Modeling - "how to get that vintage analog sound"

“Improving Modeling of Classic Poly Synths and Analog Instruments Through Component Lookup Table Modulation”

Found from Reddit, looks like there’s a fair bit of discussion in the DSI Rev2 and P08 forums, and more articles here

Demo video:

I’m interested to see how much of this I can do on the Micromonsta…

To summarize, the trick is to have minor differences (mostly in tuning) between limited number of voices, and to keep those differences stable for those voices within a patch so that you simulate the differences between the 6 or 8 voice circuits in an old analogue poly?

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This should be quite easy to do on the A4, if you load the same patch on all voices, slightly tweak them per voice and use the “use voice sound” poly setting. On a quick glance it looks like it’s mostly tuning but you can experiment with any parameters like ADSR settings. Super cool idea!


Here’s a great video from Creative Spiral on how it works and with demos:

The little document he shows:

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Simpler ideas here, but also effective:

Some great Rev2 patches here.