VP-330 human voice emulation?

Hey guys, I’m across the world from my A4 right now and had an idea I really want to try!

The VP-330’s human voice patch IIRC uses 7x bandpass filters + optional ensemble for the desired effect. Sounds looovely!

Has anyone tried such with A4 using neighbor tracks? (and ofc a combo of 4xlp + 4xbp)

Thinking, with all the intermediate modulation options… Oh my!!

I tried to emulate vowels, following @sleepystevo thread instructions, finding notes for corresponding frequencies. Can’t tell settings for now.
2 bandpass is already interesting.

Check this @taro patch too :

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Thanks very helpful, some of the patches are close to what I want do might get it as a starter

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Thank you!! @sezare56

I have never used neighbor track, but I made a VP-330-like human voice like this.

F1 : F2 : F3 = Multimode Filter : Oscillator sync : Ladder Filter
F1 : F2 : F3 = Oscillator sync : Multimode Filter : Ladder Filter

  1. Make first formant and second formant using oscillator sync and multimode filter
  2. Make third formant using 4 pole low pass filter.

*To fix the formant, turn off key track(Filter2 and Sync).


I own a VP-330 and I’d love to hear the sounds you create in your attempts to clone it.

I can probably take a few minutes and record some sound from an original mk I unit, for the sake of comparison, if anyone is interested.


Very interesting! Being new to formant synthesis I hadn’t considered oscillator sync (another tool in the armory!!)

It still amazes me what you can get out of a single a4 voice ^^

  1. I am so very jealous!
  2. Initially I plan to emulate this https://freesound.org/people/Elektrik_Musik/sounds/170494/ but any lush samples you have of your VP-330 to show off would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Will take me a while to get back… in the US this week and rammed back in the UK. Defo want to try 8x filters!!

edit: some useful info:

also I’m not the first to try this specifically!

Of course, I think your method is more reproducible.