Wanna see what's on your +Drive?

I’m happy to announce the first release of crunch/digitakt-manager - a web app for your Digitakt.

Right now, this will let you easily browse the contents of the +Drive on the Digitakt. As Elektron releases new firmware with more access via SysEx, I’ll be adding more features.

Want to use it?

  • Nothing to install! Runs in any browser with WebMIDI… which is only Chrome! So run that.

  • Hook up your Digitakt - USB connection, or via DIN MIDI and your MIDI interface. Turn it on.

  • Navigate to: https://electric.kitchen/crunch/digitakt-manager/

  • When you load the app, the browser will ask your permission for the app to use MIDI, click Allow:

  • Then just follow the big blue buttons in the app to get it set up and scan your +Drive.


  • Mark

Update: Version 0.8.1 is now up, reload to get it. Fixes two bugs people found that were causing their +Drive scans to stop mid-way.

Known bug: Doesn’t handle the character encoding used by the Digitakt properly, so some names will be mangled a bit.
Fun fact: Elektron Transfer doesn’t handle the character encoding either! (Ticket filed…)


Most excellent!


thanks for all your hard work, this looks terrific!


Woot! :cool:


Some folks on FB are trying this out and having some problems: You may find the scan never completes, and some folders will stay at 0 with no samples in them. When this happens, the progress bar never goes away. If this happens to you, and you want to help me debug - PM me. Thanks!

Update: Some folks PM’d me with debug info and I’m on the trail of the bug… But first a full day of work, so it will be a day or so for a fix.

Update 2: Fixed! Version 0.8.1 is now up, reload to get the new one.


Uiiiiii :slight_smile:


Will check this out asap!!

Whoah nice work! Any possibility of something like this being made for the Rytm?

Great work.

Man, you are a nice person! Thanks a lot for your work.

Congrats!!! This is splendid work! Thank you!


Thank you for further cementing this being one of the best electronic communities. I definitely look forward to checking this out!

Can this work or be made to work for the Analogue Rytm mk1?

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No idea… I don’t have one. I know that the SysEx format for Digitakt is quite different than for other units. But if the AK has such functions, then it is probably doable.


Also I think this might be worth pinning at the top of this forum.

great work!

Just confirming that it does not work with the MD UW+ MK II. I know it wasn’t meant to, but I figured I’d try, and I already see you have some questions about the other units :slight_smile:
It just hangs here:

All the MIDI communication would need to be rewritten for each machine, since as far as I can see, Elektron doesn’t use a consistent set of SysEx messages across machines (for similar features like +Drive listing). It’s also hard in that they don’t always publish all the technical details.

I got this far with the Digitakt because I own one and was willing to send messages at it until I could figure the message structure out. (I only broke a small part of my +Drive doing this… :hushed:). If I get my hands on another Elektron box perhaps I’ll be able to add that one, too… But for now, just trying to build more functionality for the Digitakt.


perhaps as a good will gesture elektron could send you the info , as a developer who’s helping to support the community it’d be great , assuming its in the os somewhere (it can make folders , dump samples , presumably read the mem used or send out error messages.)… the functionality on the transfer app is fairly basic…


is there no way to intercept the messages sent from the transfer app ? (I’m not a developer …)

Oh there is, and that is how I figured out how sample transfer works (even though my app doesn’t do sample transfer yet…). But Transfer app does very few things, and so I had to find out about Directory scanning though stealthier means… :ghost: