Want to use my iPad for cc-mangling on my AR. Any suggestions?

On iOS I would like to have cc-knobs (preferably recordable) to get more immediate acces to my Rytm. Think along the line of a Faderfox PC4 or PC12. Couple of extra lfo’s would also be nice.

Been experimenting with Korg Gadget’s midi device Taipei, yielding some good results, but it’s still a bit convoluted because you have to switch between tracks on the iPad-screen if you have a lot going on.

Anyone with a killer suggestion?

Bought Xequence 2 some time ago. Never used it… so can’t say anything about it. Looks good though.

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Cheers, gonna have a look.

Sorry after rereading your post… might not be what you are after - this is more like a “MIDI DAW”/MIDI multitrack recorder I think.

Ah, okay. What i want is a screen full of pots, that I can assign midi-channels and cc’s to.

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That sounds like a job for Lemur and or TouchOSC?

Good one. I hadn’t thought of that, since it’s really been years ago that I used those apps.

For automation recording, maybe Cubasis can work, but there is an AUV3 plugin that is good apparently:

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If you are looking for something that can actually output modulation, there’s MIDI Mod: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/midi-mod/id1465677026

Or the AUv3 midi sender that comes with Apematrix: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/apematrix/id1378343729

Or the LFO tool in Rozeta: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rozeta-sequencer-suite/id1292546479

Speaking of Brambos, script all your own custom controllers here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mozaic-plugin-workshop/id1457962653 (check for premade stuff on PatchStorage)

(Note AUv3 plugins require a host like AUM, ApeMatrix, or most other linear DAWs)

If you just want some knobs, there’s Knoblab: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/knob-lab/id727466234

For either, there’s Ribn (unsure if this syncs to clock or not): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ribn/id1413777040

This is off the top of my head (well, not the links lol) but if you have a more specific need, let me know.


Thank u!

Drambo does what you want and so much more.


Sigh, yes. In fact why bother with hardware at all, Drambo can do it all? But suggesting Drambo for this purpose is sort of like saying ‘a computer’ is the best piece of hardware. In almost every way, it’s true…but it really gets a bit outside the scope of the request, don’t you think?

But yes, Drambo can do all the things…which is why I wouldn’t suggest learning it when the request was for a few LFOs…

If u want something simple, check out ribn

I mapped the sliders to perf pads but can do whatever. It can also remember your swipes and repeat them like lfos

I wish you could configure how many sliders per page, its fixed at 8, but theres 3 sets so u can get 24 overall. each can have its own channel/cc

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Thanks, looks promising! Together with Collider this is a serious contender. I really like the simplicity of Ribn, as I tried it for half an hour or so. Collider is a bit convoluted, a bit too much going on on each page, but the options are quite mind-boggling.

Re. Drambo: have had the app for a while, but I am really not someone with a modular mind. Too much head scratching, not intuitive enough, brings me on the verge of unparalleled aggression sometimes.

regarding Drambo: Same :grinning: Regretting buying it in 2020…

Why not TouchOSC/Lemur? Do other apps have better features?

I have to learn how to design a template, isn’t it? If so, I think I am too lazy :sunglasses:

Ribn is rather basic, but it does what I was looking for: extra cc-knobs (sliders in this case) for my AR.

But if there is an existing TouchOSC-template for AR, I am definitely interested.

What controls do you need/expect from a template? And well… learning… you just have to do it :grinning: not so hard.

Maybe in the future :grinning:

Too much fun with my AR at the moment!

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reading your post from the beginning… and now i understand more. Yeah LFOs and stuff are a pain in Lemur. I’d say easiest solution would be an Octatrack :grinning: (that’s why Drambo was mentioned… but this is also pain)