WANTED: Ableton expert for 1-1 online tutorials

Hi there.

I’m looking for someone to teach me some Ableton skills via Skype.

I currently use PT and FL. I can use Ableton to track audio and load VSTs - that’s about it…

I use a LOT of audio. I’ve never used a soft synth. I want the ability to edit audio and assign micro edits as individual samples, warp audio, automate, use pattern mode for quick and creative pattern creation, create external FX busses, sync MIDI with hardware, etc…

Many of these things are pretty simple ^^

One thing that is important is that I often work off the grid. Sometimes I’ll be cutting audio and moving it around and will need to change the song tempo to suit the new loop/groove.

I’m moving out of audio gathering mode and into arrangement at the moment.

I’ll pay a fair amount. If you are not familiar with manipulating audio extensively in Ableton please don’t contact me :slight_smile:

Apart from that, let me know if you can help!

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I might be able to help, depends on when, and how intensive/often the skype sessions would be.

Maybe we could try one, then go from there.

Thanks Juan! I’ll PM you.

Likewise. I can help you, I’ve been a user of Live since v1.5.