Was wondering what the best cases are for the Octatrack/A4

Particularly something like this:

But in just one case. What have you seen/tried?

I got one of these:


Pretty damned light!

And what do you put in it?

Just the necessities for going out…

Barret 50 cal?




automating: fucking funny.

i think i’ve answered my own question.

Those are gorgeous…

Not cheap though

and you’ve still got to buy another case for transporting your Armalite AR-15

The official Elektron bag looks nice. I want one!

Not sure if this is what you are after… different league… But this is what I use for national and international gigs since 8 years…

I bought one of this profesional Photography backpacks.
This model: http://www.amazon.com/Lowepro-CompuTrekker-Camera-Backpack-Black/dp/B0000AQJ7J


Under 100€, they are extremely versatile, light weight, all the foam can be arranged inside to fit your needs, is padded all over, full of pockets, is got a Water proof coat that you can put over to protect from the rain, it fits in an airplane Hand Luggage, the Laptop compartment in the back allows another layer of flat devices like Ipad, Midi controllers, cables…

I could continue pointing out good stuff about them, but just to say that is here like New and it will continue being my Choice for flexibility and commodity. I tryed other cases, options and allways end up going back to this Backpack.

I normally load on it the Octatrack, a nord Micro Modular, Quneo controller, Gameboy DMG, Midi interface, Cables and transformers, Zoom H4N recorder, GoPro… and most important some Underwear!!

Hope it helps!

If I had a dime for every thread asking about cases I could probably retire.

I kept my Elektrons in this custom flight cases:

I`m selling the case, so if interested pm me.


I purchased cases for transporting my gear. I wish I had a case that I can keep them like the one someone posted here that lift up when in use.

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