Wav Looping

Hey, I have a bunch of wav samples that I would like to take from my octatrack and put in my synth which accepts samples. The only problem is that the samples don’t naturally loop on the synth. I sent the company an email and they said they used sound forge to export wav looped samples. I was curious if anyone knew of any other software that does this so that I can loop some of my octatrack samples for the synth because I don’t have sound forge. I found this on the app store, it seems like it should do the trick and stuff but I wanted to run it by you guys here first in case you knew of something better.

You could use Audacity, which is free and has decent audio editing tools



The OT supports Loop points and you can create one in the editor - I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be possible to export a looping sample, once saved, containing the loop data - but tbh I’ve never tried, it may be mentioned in the manual


I think I read the whole manual. :sketchy: :slight_smile:
I would remember if it was mentioned.

You mean if you create a loop point with an audio editor, saved with the wav file, and the OT recognize it ?
Wasn’t lucky with those things before 15 years ago, with Soundforge too, but I would be interested in more informations about that.

Wavosaur is a cool editing tool for chop / auto slice and other stuff.

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but you can create a loop point on the OT
you move start end and loop points in the editor - surely the info could be saved baked into the file ?

I don’t know if the OT can bake them in, it likes to create .ot files when you “save sample settings” as above…


I’ll play around with it. I tried audacity but didn’t see how to put the loop points in where they would be saved, I’m sure I just need to read more.

My synth has about 86 megs for samples that mix with it’s other sound sources. I put in my samples and they sound really cool, but they don’t loop (for the ones that are supposed to). When I emailed the company, they said they used sound forge to export looping wavs (on the presets that do loop). So I’ve been looking into it since because I have some very cool rhythmic stuff on the octatrack that would sound perfect if I could just export a looping wav. It’s funny ableton live, reason and lots of things don’t do this just by default because it’s seems important but basic at the same time to have a tool like that

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I used Soundforge years ago. IIRC, and from what I just read, I think you need ACIDized wav files for your synth.


Acid, that’s sony yeah? So then I need something like sound forge or acid to do it, as long as it’s sony?

It’s a drug ! :loopy:
Sonic Foundry, Sony, now it’s Magix.
Funny because my main DAW is own by Magix too : Samplitude.

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You can export Acidized files with FL Studio too.


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:slight_smile: Funny I was just thinking about him and @Abhoth for a “wav + ot” to acidized wav files converter, or an export function in OctaEdit. He must be very busy anyway.

With Ot you can even have loop points for each slice.

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Export to acidized wav format hmm?

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After playing around with it, this is definitely the best app for mac to deal with acid loops, apple loops, etc. (it also converts recycle loops and has a first aid thing which is helpful for fixing audio) It’s really good, easy to use and it loops perfectly very quickly and exports in tons of different ways. I’d suggest this as the best loop exporter for mac : )