Weird bug: knobs stop working and sound output too

My Octatrack is showing some really weird behaviour. I have a project which is causing the Octatrack to loose all sound output (main, cue and even headphones out) after doing a restart. I do this restart in this project because I notice all turning knobs for changing the settings stopped working (only in this project!). I can push them and see the current setting appear on the screen, but when I turn them nothing changes. I thought my Octatrack was bugging, so I restarted. Things only got worse, I lost all sound. When I changed to another project the sound did not returned so I tried restarting with holding the function button and I choose option 2. This helped, the sound returned, but this project still somehow ‘locks’ the turnable knobs (and after restart freezes the sound outputs again).

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?


This is a tough one. I had basically the exact same thing happen to my old Octatrack. I sent it to the service center and they were unable to reproduce what was consistently happening to me. They tested it for weeks with the same project.

First, check the error logs on the card to make sure nothing is off. Second, try to make a new project and get it to happen. Third, make sure your power to the machine is rock solid. Lastly, send to the service center making sure to include your psu.

In my situation, I ended up selling the machine (giving full disclosure of the situation) and the buyer never ran into the issue. I bought a used octatrack a year later and it’s been very solid. Good luck!

I have now recreated the same project from scratch. I encountered no more problems while using this project. Hopefully it’s just a bug in the files of the previous project. A really bad one though, since it even affected projects that were loaded afterwards. It seems very unlikely to me that this is due to bad project files. I keep my fingers crossed!

Have you checked your memory card for filesystem damage?

this is happening to me. hype1 did you sort it out?

This started happening to my ot as well. …

@epsilonradius First thing first : sort out if it’s hardware or software by creating a new project from scratch and check if it’s OK.
Sometimes when a project was created on a different firmware you can have awkward results.

If on the new project you have trouble, then it may be hardware.
If not, you may put your previous project to trash (maybe use Octaedit to take things from it before).