Weird MIDI behavior on one pattern

I am having strange MIDI behavior on one pattern. It does not happen on other patterns, but if I copy paste this pattern to another one it does the same thing.

  1. I Cannot sequence External MIDI. I can play it through the chromatic keyboard, and I see the track blinking, but no note data is sent.
  2. It keeps somehow sending a Program Change message 40 even though program change is disabled on all MIDI tracks.

This on Channel 9, my synth is on Channel 9.

I have REC+FUNC+CLEAR and TRACK+FUNC+CLEAR and it still does this.

First one sounds like the track may be muted. Check both global and pattern mutes.

Second problem could be a couple things. Do you have send program change selected in the global settings menu? Do you maybe have a program change plocked to a specific trig in the sequence?

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First one was pattern mute! I never thought of that because I don’t use it, but when my son plays with it he tends to just hit random buttons quickly (he’s three).

The patch change seems to be happening when I hit the stop button?

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Ok I think I am confused by the program change at the Setting menu level and the program change in the midi tracks.

At the global settings level program change send active sends an automatic program change that corresponds to the pattern number. It also seems to happen on double stop. This is to keep patterns in sync across multiple boxes.

If it’s active you may be sending the PC that corresponds to the pattern when you hit stop which would change the patch on your external synth.


My son is muting my gear since he’s 2!
Unfortunately he didn’t progress much at 7.

This was it, thanks! I turned off the SEND PROGRAM CHANGE option and it is now behaving as I expected. I thought this would turn off individual parts’ ability to send program changes. This isn’t very clear in the manual.

Nice! Here’s my guy jamming:

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