Weird Samples Transfer Bug

Hello guys

I need you help to figure out my problem about my rytm
I have recently purchased the 909 divine pack and transferred it on my rytm via cysex but the transfert crashed until the end and now when I want to open the directory created on the Sample Manager my rytm is freezing and I can’t do anything apart switch off the device.
The problem is I cannot delete the directory because there are some samples upload inside.

Do you know any solutions to delete this toxic directory of my sample manager folder ?

Someone had the same issue ? :neutral_face:

Are you on Mac OS ?
I heard there was some pb with .DStore hidden folder on DT.
Maybe related…

Have you already contacted the support ?

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afaik there is unfortunately no way to fix these broken folders… there are definitely some bugs that can trigger a variety of oddness. Personally haven’t had the machine crash due to something like that, but had undeletable garbage folders containing nothing.

two options:
ignore that folder, with luck a future OS update can fix it
format +drive (lose all samples)


Not yet and yes I am working on Mac OS

How can I format +drive using your method ?
I will lose my track sounds too ?

Thanks your your help guys I appreciate

It’s in the global menu, press func+track: global > system > format +drive.

There you can choose to delete only the samples - you will lose all samples that you have transferred to the device! This cannot be undone.

Projects, patterns etc are not touched by this, and all sounds which only use the analog synthesis or the factory samples will be fine. But all sounds which use your own samples will be lost, until you re-transfer these samples.


Perfecto I’m gonna try this tomorrow

Thank you :slight_smile: