"WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE (NYE in virtual Notre Dame)" on YouTube

I’m gunna hijack the litt’lun’s PSVR and download YOUTUBE VR, break my 6 month abstinence, roll a fat one and settle down to hopefully see the New Year in with as big a bang as I can!
My old man worked in Texas during the mid 80’s and I was lucky enough to be at Rendezvous Houston in '86 and then again on a very wet night in the Docklands in '89. (The latter with the aid of a very high grade Microdot!!!) :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
He may have gone slightly off the boil in recent times but JMJ, amongst others are responsible for setting my trajectory for a lifetime’s joy of electronic exploration so I am genuinely excited about this and in this very dark time, that can be nothing but a good thing!?!
Anyone else going in?

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