What are people doing with their Nord Drum 3P's?

I’ve been looking for a way to use a footpedal with my 3P as an open/closed hi-hat.
I finally found a suitable solution using (Clavia) Nord’s own Sustain Pedal + a Morningstar MC6.

The MC6 recognize the Nord sustain pedal as an expression pedal, so all you have to do is assign the expression control to the appropriate channel on your Nord Drum (default is Midi channel 3, I think) and tweak the noise decay (cc#21) to your liking.

Max value: Foot off
Min value: Foot on/down

Here are my values:

My only issue with this is the midi output delay from the Morningstar, so it’s not quick and responsive enough to double as a kick pedal but I’d say it’s more than sufficient to work as a hi-hat footpedal, in my opinion.