What do I do with my new IPad Pro?

Through a bit of good fortune at work I will soon be the owner of a brand new IPad Pro 12.9”. It’s tied to my phone contract so I can’t sell it (yet).

I thought it would be fun to get suggestions on how I can incorporate it in my setup which includes:

MacBook Pro M1
6u of Eurorack

Everyone is going to say AUM (though I dont have it myself) also Drambo seems popular (i dont have that either)

Mirack is awesome, sound quality excellent.
Koala is fun, even better with a midi controller attached.

Check the many ipad threads on here for more recommendations.

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Also check the Audiobus forum. Friendly, and all about iPad music making.


Doesn’t seem very popular anymore but Olympia Noise Co. Patterning 2 is always lots of fun.


Loopy Pro is great as well in addition to Drambo and AUM previously mentioned.

Borderlands Granular straight into the Syntakt. It is probably enough to just set the same BPM, or you can sync over midi. I can’t see any granular synths in your kit.

You have an M1 so obviously have a DAW. Why duplicate that? You have the Elektron machines, so why duplicate drums?

I don’t recommend Patterning, it doesn’t play well with other iPad music apps, even if it is cool.

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I’d head to the iPad app thread.


Thanks, I’ll definitely look into borderlands. In terms of the DAW I’ve always used logic but I do like the idea of having the Ipad as a tactile interface for the mixer rather than clicking a mouse.

All suggestions are appreciated and I’m really just looking for inspiration :pray:

If you use Logic be sure and get the Logic remote for iPad.

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Yes, Logic Remote is nice, and not just for mixing.

E.g. if you want to record something from a synth that is not close to your computer - open/start a Logic project on computer, then use iPad at the synth to start and stop recording.

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Koala is great - it’s good for when you want to switch off from your system and just sketch out beats.

As mentioned above, I am going to say AUM. It just fascilitates everything working in a very intuitive way, and gets betrer as your AUV3 collection grows.

Using it as a premium sounding effects send is an option… You can stuff like fabfilter and eventide extremely cheap.

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Eventide have a sale on currently until end of august so grab some nice reverbs

SideCar. :lion:

Animoog Z is incredible if you have an MPE controller. AUM is a must have, let alone the windows (scaleable, automatic config of components and everything you need to make the IPad Apps professional and combined in one App and even more than one instance of the same App .

i hope it comes to the Mac

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Eventide effects, particulary blackhole. Arturia iSEM, it just sounds so good. Korg Gadget. Waldorf Nave.

  • everything by Bram Bos, especially Rozeta and Mosaic
  • I enjoy Korg Gadget and went a little bit overboard with completionism, but I have to say that the Fairbanks gadget, is pretty dope. It’s free (but you have to have the paid version of Gadget or Module Pro to use it) and some soundpacks are good. If you use Module, you can use it as a plugin in AUM, or use Gadget as IAA. Let’s Play With The New FAIRBANKS Synth for Korg Gadget - iPad Live Demo - YouTube
  • some Klevgrand stuff is pretty cool, but may seem somewhat pricy
  • be sure to use a discount tracker to keep track of when an app goes on sale. Korg f.e. is often 50% off. I use appsliced.

Use Overhub to connect your Elektron gear and OP-1 to your mac using a quality USB hub (Overhub maybe?) . Use Garageband as VST host for starters, it’s free and might be installed already. Connect your ipad to your mac with a cable and you can use it with audio and midi over usb. You might need to set it up as an audio/midi device in the audio-midi app, but Iḿ not sure.
Connect the Hydrasynth to one of the Elektron boxes and use that as an audio interface.
If you have the time to spare and are not already overwhelmed, you might want to go for some eurorack stuff. My first suggestion would be to go for an Expert Sleepers ES-8. Then use the Es-8 with VCV rack to discover which modules you “need”, like loopop demoed here. My suggestion would be to use modules that require physical interaction in the case (contact mic, theramin antenna, joystick, expression pedal input) and leave the rest in VCV. Save some cash and have presets.


Cubasis is genuinely phenomenal, as is Drambo.

I think AUM is a must. I don’t have Drambo or Loopy Pro yet but will before year’s end. The major sale period for iOS apps seems to be around American Thanksgiving (end of November) until Christmas.

I think the Eventide sale was until the end of July

+1 for Drambo and all the Bram Bos apps.

It said end of august on their sales post

I can complete reverb bundle with 3 more reverbs for £8 so I think it’s still on